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Our team is dedicated to taking your forgings to the next level with superior service and support.


At Southwest Steel Processing, we're not just a forging company; we're your partners in crafting excellence. Our dedicated team is committed to elevating your forgings with our comprehensive suite of services, including forging, machining, and heat treating. As an ISO 9001:2015 and AAR M-1003 certified company, we guarantee products and services that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

No-Cost Stocking

Proudly based in the USA, we offer the advantages of quick shipping, effective communication, and robust customer service. Our dedication to safety, quality, and efficiency is unwavering, as we continually invest in our employees’ growth and forging technology advancements.

Supply chain problems aren’t a problem with SSP. We can forge quarterly, semi-annual, or annual production amounts, keep your parts in our inventory at no cost to you, and ship your parts only when you need them. That means you:

  • Save money
  • Reduce hassle
  • Always have the parts you need
steel forging services

Steel Forging Equipment

heat treating and forging equipmet

End-to-End Service and Support

With the capability to deliver raw, rough, or fully machined forgings, we back our work with full engineering and sales support. Our no-cost stocking option offers a solution to supply chain challenges, allowing you to save money, reduce hassle, and ensure part availability on demand.

Solid Modeling & In-House Die Making

Our in-house die making ensures tight control over quality and design, allowing quick adaptations to your needs. We harness advanced technologies, such as 3D printing and 3D laser scanning, to stay at the industry’s cutting edge.

Forging Process: Precision and Quality

Our forging process is meticulous, from mold construction to extensive testing and quality control. We specialize in impression die forging, a technique renowned for producing durable and impact-resistant products. Our process includes:

  • Mold Construction: Precision-engineered molds form the backbone of our forging process.
  • Testing Protocols: Rigorous testing ensures mold performance.
  • Induction Heating: We heat metal billets to optimal temperatures for malleability.
  • Drop-Hammer Forging: Our specialists use precision techniques to achieve the desired shape.
  • Surface Treatments: We perform any required hardening or surface treatments.
  • Quality Control: Each component undergoes thorough inspection to meet your specifications.

Solid Modeling & In-House Die Making

We understand the uniqueness of your requirements. Whether it’s complex part configurations, pre- & post-forming treatments, or microalloy forging, our team is equipped to handle various challenges with expertise.

Southwest Steel Processing services our own dies in house so we can tightly control quality and design. We can work with you to quickly make changes to the design when needed.

in-house die making for forging

our facility for solid modeling and in-house die making

Quality Assurance

Our quality management systems meet international standards, which means we consistently provide products and services that fulfill customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

American Association Railroads certified

AAR M-1003 Certified
American Association Railroads

ISO 14000 Compliant

ISO 14000

Mitutoyo FHM4CMM


Magnetic Particle testing certified

Magnetic Particle
testing certified

Level three PPAP capable

Level three
PPAP capable