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Optimized Forging Production with High Volume Techniques

Steel forgings are an essential part of our manufacturing industry. These complex metal parts are created by applying extreme heat and pressure to a raw material, shaping it into a final product with a specific design and desired shape. Forgings are used in a wide range of applications, from Railcar, Oil & Gas, Gear, Mining, and Construction industries. They are known for their high strength, durability, and reliability and are used in critical application areas.

As one of the few fully automated, high-volume custom forge shops in the North American forging industry, Southwest Steel Processing (SSP) manufactures quality forged components with fast lead times. We manufacture custom high-quality forge parts using advanced automation, machinery, and computer-controlled systems.

All SSP's forging lines are equipped with material handling robotic automation to ensure repeatable, consistent quality with capabilities to manufacture different types of forgings from 30-300 pounds. Because we’re fully automated, we can produce precision forgings at a high volume – up to 2,000 parts per day, per forging line with decreased dimensional variation among parts while increasing all-around productivity. That quality and volume of our metal forging translates to cost-savings and improved quality for our customers. This makes us an ideal supplier for mass production of critical components.


One advantage of our high-volume forgings is their ability to withstand extreme stress and pressure. These parts are designed to handle high loads and can be used in harsh environments where other materials may fail. This makes them ideal for use in the oil and gas industry, where high pressure and extreme temperatures are common.

Our forgings are designed to have excellent dimensional stability. This means that they maintain their shape and size even under extreme temperature changes. This makes them ideal for use in critical components in the construction / mining industry, where any deformation or warping can cause serious damage.

Being a domestic supplier for high volume forgings is a benefit to our customers because forged parts are utilized in demanding applications that allow for zero defects—domestic suppliers have the ability to work directly with their clients to determine the best solution to fit their needs. SSP has the capacity and the technological ability to produce custom forged parts for their clients in a seamless process ensuring that output meets Customer and Industry demands.

The Process

All of our forging equipment was manufactured under the ParkOhio holdings umbrella which makes us vertically integrated within the holding company this enables us to work swiftly with our customers ensuring a quality experience.

Forging involves several steps, including preheating the raw material, applying pressure to shape it, and then cooling it down. The raw material used for forging can be any metal or alloy steel that can withstand the high temperatures and pressures involved in the process, including steel, titanium, and aluminum.

In conclusion, forgings are a critical component of many exacting industries. Southwest Steel Processing is a leading custom forging provider, offering high-volume, high-quality forgings for a variety of industries. With years of experience and a commitment to superior craftsmanship, our expert team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to creating the best possible forged components for our customers.

To find out more about or high-volume forging capabilities contact us today to talk to our experienced sales team.

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