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Advanced Machining Capabilities for Forgings

Advanced Machining Capabilities for Forgings


When it comes to machining raw forged components to completion, Southwest Steel Processing (SSP) stands out as a trusted industry leader. With their extensive machining capabilities, SSP offers a comprehensive range of services, from rough machining to final finishing. This blog explores SSP's advanced CNC machining equipment and their unwavering commitment to quality assurance. Discover how SSP's expertise and cutting-edge technology ensure the delivery of exceptional products and services.

Unleashing the Potential of Machining

The Power of Machining

Machining is a transformative process that takes raw forged components and refines them into finished products with precise specifications. This process involves removing excess material, creating intricate shapes, and achieving dimensional accuracy. Machining allows for customization, optimization, and the enhancement of mechanical properties, resulting in high-performance components.

SSP's Extensive Capabilities

SSP takes pride in their comprehensive machining capabilities that cater to a wide range of customer needs. Their state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment empowers them to handle various projects, from simple to complex. With SSP, customers can be confident that their raw forged components will undergo the transformation required to meet their unique specifications.

Cutting-Edge CNC Machining Equipment

A Multitude of CNC Machines

SSP is equipped with a diverse array of CNC machines, each designed to excel in specific machining tasks. Their impressive machinery lineup includes:

  • Makino A81
  • Daewoo DHM 500
  • OKK HM 500S
  • Bridgeport HMC 700 XP3
  • 2-HAAS VF5
  • HAAS SL40
  • HAAS TM1
  • HAAS TL2
  • Akuma VR40
  • Honorseiki VL86A
  • Mazak 34 pallet automated line

This extensive range of CNC machines provides SSP with the versatility to handle various projects, regardless of size, complexity, or material.

Commitment to Quality Assurance

Meeting International Standards

SSP's commitment to quality assurance is unwavering. They adhere to international standards to ensure that their products and services consistently fulfill customer and regulatory requirements. SSP proudly holds the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • AAR M-1003 Certified – American Association Railroads
  • ISO 14000 Compliant

These certifications validate SSP's dedication to maintaining the highest levels of quality in their machining operations.

Precision Measuring with Mitutoyo CMM

SSP employs advanced technology to ensure precision and accuracy in their machining processes. The Mitutoyo FHM4 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) allows for precise dimensional measurements and meticulous inspection. With this state-of-the-art equipment, SSP guarantees that the final products meet the exact specifications set by their customers.

Rigorous Testing and Certification

To ensure the quality and integrity of their machined components, SSP is certified for magnetic particle testing. This non-destructive testing method detects potential material defects and ensures that only flawless components move forward in the manufacturing process. SSP's commitment to rigorous testing and certification safeguards the reliability and performance of their machined products.

Level Three PPAP Capabilities

As a Level Three PPAP-capable provider, SSP understands the importance of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). They support their customers with comprehensive documentation, validation, and approval processes. This commitment to PPAP capabilities reinforces SSP's dedication to delivering machined products that meet the highest quality standards.


Southwest Steel Processing (SSP) exemplifies excellence in machining, leveraging advanced technology and a wide range of CNC machines to transform raw forged components into finished products that meet precise specifications. With their extensive machining capabilities, SSP delivers exceptional results in rough machining and final finishing. Their commitment to quality assurance demonstrated through international certifications such as ISO 9001 and AAR M-1003, ensures that their products consistently fulfill customer and regulatory requirements.

By utilizing cutting-edge equipment like the Mitutoyo FHM4 CMM and conducting rigorous testing and certification, SSP guarantees precision and reliability in their machined components. As a Level Three PPAP-capable provider, SSP supports customers through comprehensive documentation and validation processes. SSP is a one-stop shop where you can get not only the forged parts you need but have them machined to your exact specs, all from one domestic source. This saves time, and cost of transportation, and ensures you have a quality part from start to finish. Partner with SSP for your machining needs and experience the power of advanced technology and unwavering commitment to quality.

To learn more about our USA-made forgings or to request a quote, get in touch with our sales team today.