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CASE STORY: Single-source Solution for Heat Treated Forged Parts

Mining Equipment Supplier utilizes SSP as a single Source for Mining Teeth

Case Study: Single-source solution for heat treated forged parts.

Customer: A Canadian supplier of heavy-duty mining teeth

Industry: Mining

Application: Mining teeth for Excavators and Bulldozers.


The customer needed a reliable source for high volumes of forged and heat-treated mining teeth. The process of locating and qualifying a separate forging and heat-treating source in the US while ensuring a quality product is both time-consuming and costly.


Southwest Steel Processing (SSP) is fully automated and can forge up to 3,000 parts per day on their two forging lines. Enabling SSP to produce the large quantities the customer required, in a shorter time compared to an overseas supplier. SSP also has the capabilities and capacity to do the heat-treating needed on these forgings.

SSP Advantage:

SSP’s heat treating capabilities saves the customer time, money, and hassle of additional suppliers. SSP has the ability to Normalize, Annealed or Quench & Temper the customer’s forgings, eliminating the need for the customer to qualify an additional source, there is no need for purchasing to place another set of orders for the same parts. Lead times and transportation costs are cut down dramatically with a single source forger.


Forging Advantages

Railroad, mining, industrial machinery, and gear customers choose forgings over castings in critical application areas because they know quality can’t be compromised. Critical applications demand forging because it delivers:

Stronger end products due to a tighter grain structure


Products that are true to form with little porosity or cavities


Fewer weak points because forging reduces the need to fabricate multiple components

Quality Assurance

Our quality management systems meet international standards, which means we consistently provide products and services that fulfill customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

American Association Railroads certified

AAR M-1003 Certified
American Association Railroads

ISO 14000 Compliant

ISO 14000

Mitutoyo FHM4CMM


Magnetic Particle testing certified

Magnetic Particle
testing certified

Level three PPAP capable

Level three
PPAP capable