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Your Single Source for High-Volume
Custom Steel Forgings



Press Forging

As one of the few fully automated, high-volume custom forge shops in North America, Southwest Steel Processing manufactures quality forged components with fast lead times.

finish machining for forged components


Equipped with a wide variety of advanced CNC machines, we can provide complete finish machining of your forged components.

heat treating services

Heat Treating

We offer a full range of heat treating services, including quench & tempering, normalizing, tempering, annealing and induction hardening.


Our commitment to providing mission-critical markets with quality components has been strengthened by our extensive forging and finishing capabilities. Our team is experienced in forging and finishing a variety of materials, and our cutting-edge equipment ensures that the components are produced to the highest standards. We are confident that our services will exceed the expectations of our customers, and that our quality components will meet the demands of their mission-critical applications. We work with the following industries:


We serve leading companies in the Railcar, Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Gear, and Renewable Energy industries with superior forged steel components and value-added services that keep them coming back. We even stock inventory in our warehouse so it’s always ready when our customers need it at no cost to them.

forged steel components services

Your Advantages


Single Source

We eliminate the hassle of working with multiple vendors by providing end-to-end service and solutions, including machined, heat treated and fully assembled forged components.


Complimentary Stocking

We forge parts to spec and keep inventory in our warehouses at no additional cost. Your parts are ready to ship when you need them.


Exceptional Service & Support

We provide continuous, high-touch, on-demand engineering and sales support so you always get the answers and help you need.


Extensive In-House Capabilities

We do our own solid modeling, forging simulation, die making, tooling, design and manufacturing, allowing us to tightly control quality and quickly respond to your needs.


Stable Material Supply

Our long-term agreements with domestic steel suppliers ensure timely raw material receivables and better control of material costs – advantages we pass on to you.


Backed by Strength

Because we are a Park Ohio company, customers can put their trust in our financial stability and ability to deliver quality products and superior service worldwide.

Contact the Custom Steel Forging Experts

Partner with Southwest Steel Processing for innovative forging solutions and unparalleled quality.

Quality Assurance

Our quality management systems meet international standards, which means we consistently provide products and services that fulfill customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

American Association Railroads certified

AAR M-1003 Certified
American Association Railroads

ISO 14000 Compliant

ISO 14000

Mitutoyo FHM4CMM


Magnetic Particle testing certified

Magnetic Particle
testing certified

Level three PPAP capable

Level three
PPAP capable